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How to Get Charter Email on iPhone?, How to Get Charter Email on iPhone?
08.12.2020, 21:44

If any Charter email login customer decides to use Charter email on their iPhone then you need to set up your iPhone properly. If you don't know how to get a Charter email on iPhone then you can contact Charter email support phone number. By contacting this number, you will be in direct touch with Charter email technicians. We describe some steps to get Charter email on your iPhone.
First you have to go to the settings option.
Now you're going to have to scroll down and select mail, contacts and calendar. Then tap add account option and pick other option.
Tap on the Add mail account after that and you need to enter some stuff, such as name, charter email address, password, and scription.
Then go to the incoming mail server and pick IMAP and fill in all the details including host name, user and password.
Now go to the outgoing mail server and fill in the host name, username and password.
Tap the Save option and go to the main server, select the .charter.net mobile.
Tap on the finished option then pick Advanced.
Go back to the previous screen again then restart your iphone to complete the charter mail setup.

09.12.2020, 17:57

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